Chapter_15_Quest[1]d - Automotive Chasis Systems 5th Ed....

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Automotive Chasis Systems 5 th Ed. Chapter 15 Questions Name _____ ________________ 1. What is ‘heat checking’ in regards to drums and rotors? Many small interlaced cracked on the surface 2. What are ‘hard spots’? On cast iron drums and rotors the metal heats up and burns off any impurities 3. List TWO things that can cause brake drums to become out-of-round. Uneven heat distribution, the parking brake being applied and left on hot drums 4. How is it that an out-of-round drum can cause a brake pedal to pulsate? The outside of the drum is uneven, so it will catch every time a low spot rotates by, cause it to pulsate. 5. How can you determine if it’s the front or rear brakes causing the brake pedal to pulsate when the brakes are applied? Try stopping with the vehicle with the parking brake. If it pulsates with the parking brake, it’s the rear brakes. The next four questions are from page 253. 6. As a general rule, drums can be machined up to… / have how much material removed before they are to be discarded? .060 in. and no mare than 0.10 in. of each other. 7. The statement in the textbook ‘Always leave at least .015” after machining for wear’ isn’t explained very well. However, if a drum’s maximum inside diameter specification is 9.060” then what would its inside diameter measure if you left
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Chapter_15_Quest[1]d - Automotive Chasis Systems 5th Ed....

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