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Resurs Satellite - It was designed to last atleast five...

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Resurs Satellite This satellite is owned by NTs OMZ, the Russian Research Center For Earth Operative Monitoring. It has a circular orbit. It operates at an altitude of 570km. It has an apochromatic Telephoto sensor. Across track sensor. Its spatial resolution is panchromatic, at altitude of 360km it has a nadir of .9m. With 30 degree tilt 1m. The spectral resolution is .5-.8 um. The temporal resolution is set to revisit 5 to 7 days off of nadir. Resurs was launched June 15, 2006 on an Earth observation mission.
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Unformatted text preview: It was designed to last atleast five years. It was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrone. It has been in service for four years, eight months. This satellite takes pictures the Earth and then relays them to the Earth. It carries Arina equipment that detects high energy protons and electrons to predict earthquakes. It also carries the Pamela equipment which is used to research of cosmic rays. The images are not generally available to the public. Some are available at http://eng.ntsomz.ru ....
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