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2007 Balance Sheet Current ratio: 0.950 Quick ratio: 0.922 Current Assets Current Liabilities Cash and cash equivalents $8,755 Notes payable $9,785 Accounts receivable $28,957 Accounts payable (current) $3,128 Accounts receivable (past due) $1,897 Accounts payable (past due) $- Short-term investments $32,750 Current portion long-term debt $21,875 Long-term investments $256,987 Accrued retirement contributions $297,551 Inventory $11,265 Other current liabilities $16,145 Income taxes collected (not due) $41,859 Interest payable $54,019 Total Current Assets $382,470 Total Current Liabilities $402,503 Fixed Assets Income Taxes Land $32,185 Federal tax (current) $88,175.00 Land improvements $11,250 State tax (current) $31,064.00 Buildings (at cost) $285,975 Total Income Taxes $119,239 Building improvements $112,958 Equipment (at cost) $1,452,375 Long-Term Liabilities Total property, building, and equipment $1,894,743 Mortgage debt due after 1 year $402,875
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Unformatted text preview: Less depreciation $29,785 Equipment debt due after 1 year $1,287,556 Property, buildings, and equipment (net) $1,864,958 Long-term Liabilities $1,690,431 Prepaid expenses $25,789 Other assets $118,956 Net Worth Total Fixed Assets $2,009,703 Orlinda Marquez, M.D. $45,000 Total Assets $2,392,173 Michael Lombardi, Ph.D. $45,000 Gwendolyn Green, M.D. $30,000 Jane Medura, M.D. $30,000 Azade Yedding, M.D. $30,000 Total Net Worth $180,000 Total Liabilities and Net Worth $2,392,173 HelpNow Medical Center Current Assets Cash and cash equivalents; $8,755 Current Assets Accounts receivable; $28,957 Current Assets Accounts receivable (past due); $1,897 Current Assets Short-term investments; $32,750 Current Assets Long-term investments; $256,987 Current Assets Inventory; $11,265 Current Assets Income taxes collected (not due); $41,859 Fixed Asset Distribution HelpNow Medical Center...
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