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Profit and Loss Statement 3rd Qtr Net Sales Cost of Goods Sold Ingredients inventory, July 1st Purchases of new ingredients Goods available for sale $- Less inventory, September 30th Cost of goods sold $- Gross Profit $- Operating Expenses Selling Sales salaries expense $182,957 Advertising expense $210,987 Sales promotions and coupons Sales tax $379,312 Sales equipment purchases Sales equipment depreciation $2,185 $775,441 Bakery Bakery salaries expense $389,441 Bakery equipment purchases $72,187 Bakery equipment depreciation $51,237 $512,865
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Unformatted text preview: General and Administrative Office salaries expense $142,345 Office equipment purchases $24,189 Office equipment depreciation $4,103 Repairs expense $136,897 Utilities expense $1,688 Insurance expense $2,033 Interest expense $9,713 $320,967 Total operating expenses $1,609,273 Earnings before income tax $(1,609,273) Income tax $1,851,468 Net Income $(3,460,741) Common stock shares outstanding $3,178,977 Earnings per share of common stock $(1.09) Whole Grains Bread ® Whole Grains Bread...
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