notes w6 d1 31 October 2011

notes w6 d1 31 October 2011 - 31 Oct-1 31 October 2011 1....

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31 October 2011 1. Sadalla et al. 1987 1. Women predicted to be, and found to be, “dominant” men, as D indexes genes, resources, or both; converse neither predicted nor found. 2. Problem: conflates status (S), dominance (D), and prestige (P) 1. Status—can be based on either dominance or prestige 2. Dominance—force or threat of force 3. Prestige—status freely given by subordinate individuals 4. All social animals have status based on dominance, but only humans have prestige 3. Stimuli: 1. Film clips: mix of cues of dominance (posture, gaze) and prestige (rate of head-nodding of learner) 2. Tennis vignette: dominance, but only described within a culturally prescribed context 3. Personality score: powerful (status, dominance?), commanding (dominance), authoritative (status), high in control (dominance?), masterful (prestige?), ascendant (status) 2. 1. Humans rely on cultural info 1. Other animals (nonhuman primates, dolphins, whales, etc) have cultural transmission, but they are not dependent on them 2. Humans inhabit every ecosystem on the planet (except the bottom of the ocean) could not survive in the desert without knowledge gained through culture 3. Lime (chemical, not fruit) must be added to maize in south America, but no one really knew why, they just did it. When maize moved to Africa, the Lime tradition got lost nutritional deficit 4. Celebrity endorsements celebrities have no actual knowledge of the product they’re endorsing, but it makes them money. So why do we care,
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notes w6 d1 31 October 2011 - 31 Oct-1 31 October 2011 1....

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