notes w7 day2 9 November 2011

notes w7 day2 9 November 2011 - 9 Nov-1 9 November 2011 1....

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9 Nov—1 9 November 2011 1. Proposition 26 1. in Mississippi failed, but it would have defined human life as starting at the time of conception. Had it passed, it would have had enormous legal ramifications. All abortions would have been murders, including in the cases of rape and incest, as well as in the case of abortions in order to save the woman’s life. Miscarriages would have resulted in criminal investigations to determine if it was a result of accident or of some action of the woman. 2. Pastoralists vs. Agriculturalists pastoralists have highly mobile property (animals). This produces a code of honor in which it is admirable to react to transgressions. If there’s a problem Agriculturalists have property which cannot move, so they must get along with their neighbors. 3. British settlers—English farmers settled the north, Scotch-Irish pastoralists settled the south. 4. Evangelical church/Bible Belt independent churches must read the Bible literally because there is no central authority handing down doctrine. Cultures of honor are independent, so they like independent churches. Independent churches read literally. 2. Facts which a comprehensive account of rape must be able to explain 1. Not limited to women of reproductive age 2. Nonconceptive sexual behavior
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notes w7 day2 9 November 2011 - 9 Nov-1 9 November 2011 1....

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