Week 8 day 1

Week 8 day 1 - Week 8, Day 1 notes from 124P Monday...

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Week 8, Day 1 notes from 124P Monday November 14, 2011 Always relate things to proximate and ultimate explanation. Ultimate is presented without being marked as such – don’t assume people make decisions knowing ultimate. Never the case that proximate cases include an awareness of the ultimate adaptation. Although our olfactory thing is small compared to other animals, it is not the case that it is not important in human communication. Evolution has reduced total acuity; we have increased the signal strength. o Human hair that grows in the armpits and public hair will increase smell. Axillary hair and public hair are broadcast amplifiers that have bacteria, which consumes the chemicals we give out and thus make the broadcast go further. o We also have more sweat glands on our body. Sweat glands are concentrated around naval, groin, armpits We put our face near the sweat glands – belly nuzzling, etc. Multiple adaptive challenges being addressed here: o Being stinky has internal cost of production and external cost – predators use olfaction to find their targets o Tell us about health. Pathogens alter the way we smell, fungal infections of the skin alter odor. Medical schools taught olfactory diagnosis of disease. o Partner selection and reproduction All else equal – healthy over unhealthy Red Queen explanation: pathogens can reproduce faster than host therefore asexually face the problem that if they birth daughters, they are producing to the world the same liabilities that they have (pathogens will be ready to kill it) Want to switch offspring around so that there was a different target than the parents How do you gauge that someone is different than yourself? Major histo-compatibility complex (tissue compatible)
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Week 8 day 1 - Week 8, Day 1 notes from 124P Monday...

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