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Final Study Guide Questions - Final Study Guide Questions...

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Anthro 33 Week 7, Day 1 Reading: Meacham, Educational Soundscape: participation and perception in Japanese high school English lessons - Idea that we will let you teach English in Japan but by our rules. In the 80s and 90s, there was an idea of the Japanese as borrowers – fear that Japan could do what we do and do it better. Explore speaker’s idea of English/Japanese mixing – do they really want to be us? - Even though things are written in Japanese, there is English in there as well. - English enjoys institutional prestige in Japan. - Learning English is a site for organizing Japanese identity along certain class line - Culture-internal resource for constructing culture and making differentiations - Language contact: not only external pressures, its often ideologies within the society itself are driving the way these languages relate to one another Eastern Tech: English is remote, very foreign, coming from the outside - borrowing of English (understand loan words) - “authentic” Japanese - student stays in Japan, works right out of high school Western Tech : English to use English, Japanese was very rare. Topics discussed were related to students everyday lives - English-Japanese bilinguialism - International face of Japan, knows English, can explain Japan to the world Third language ideology – “language play” - using abroad language is one culture for the Japanese - good thing is creating various culture - bad is the possibility that we lost traditional culture Kroskirty, Arizona Tewa Kiva Speech as Manifestation of a Dominate Language Ideology What does “language ideology” refer to and how is it exemplified in Kroskirty’s account of Arizona Tewa speech communities? Define 1. Regulation by convention 2. Indigenous purism and 3 strict
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Final Study Guide Questions - Final Study Guide Questions...

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