Group Project Part 3

Group Project Part 3 - Group Project Part 3 Transcript for...

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Group Project Part 3 Transcript for video “CHRISTIAN” (Customer speaking to friend in line, Employee waits for 8 seconds until prompting with eye contact) 1 Customer: Can I have the:::: (.)the black forest ham please 2 Employee: What kind of bread for the black forest ham 3 Customer: -honey oat 4 Employee: *you said black forest ham? 5 Customer: yea, please 6 Employee: What type of cheese? 7 Customer: uhh, pepper jack 8 Employee: *we don’t have pepper jack 9 Customer: I’m fine with anything (Long pause as he prepares sandwich) 10 Employee: tomato? 11 Customer: uh lettuce please (6.0) and uh pickles too (coughs) 12 (pointing) and yellow peppers, and jalapenos, 13 Employee: * yellow peppers, jalapenos? 14 Customer: yea please 15and uh cucumbers 16 Employee: (looking aside) Welcome to subway (6.0 as he prepares sandwich) 17 Customer: and uh can I have vinegar and pepper please (23.0 to finish prep and slide sandwich to register) 18 Employee: (*takes off gloves) 5 dollars, bro 19 Customer: alright (taking out money) 20 Employee: *to go or for here? 21 Customer: uh to go please (4.0 hands money over the counter as sandwich comes over) (puts rest of money away) 22 Employee: (gives receipt) thank you, // -have a good one 23 Customer: thank you //very much 24 thank you At this interaction at Subway in Westwood, indexicality is seen through the short sentences, sometimes even just one or two words. Christian is usually just referencing to something he wants on his sandwich to which the employee either repeats what Christian has just said for clarity or asking him what he wants next. The fact that Christian can simply say, “black forest ham” (1) or “uh lettuce please” (11) indicates use of indexicality. Throwing out those words anywhere else would seem random and maybe
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Group Project Part 3 - Group Project Part 3 Transcript for...

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