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To: Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors From: Mary Minno, Policy Analyst, Consulting Group Re: Los Angeles County Beach Clean Up Date : December 8, 2011 Executive Summary: The beaches in Los Angeles are polluted, as shown by the recent conducted by UCLA. The levels of fecal coliform contamination at the beach are dangerous both for the wildlife and human visitors and can potentially cause long-term health issues and act as a long-term deterrent for beach goers. I propose that we use $75 million to pour the particular compound on the beach and the remaining $25 million to promote post clean up beach use through upgrading beach facilities and adding additional attractions. A smaller portion of the money will be dedicated to a public awareness campaign addressing the need for clean beaches as a public outlet for healthy outdoor activities. Problem Definition: Currently, it is a public health risk to enter the water of California beaches within 48 hours of rainfall. All beach goers at this time are unknowingly exposing themselves to a dangerous situation. The high levels of fecal coliform pollution in beach water are dangerous to any beach goers. Fecal coliform is the result of high levels of bacteria from warm-blooded feces and is often found with illness-causing viruses. The dangers of these high levels are amplified in Los Angeles County because a significant enough percent of the population are at-risk, including small children, people with compromised immune systems and the elderly. i Background, Facts and Evidence: A UCLA study of the Los Angeles County beaches found that there are high levels of fecal coliform contaminants in the water, approximately 5x the amount considered “safe” by the Air and Water Quality Management. The majority of this pollution is from storm drains, which
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