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Archaeology Final - Archaeology Final Foothill College Mary...

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Archaeology Final Foothill College Mary Minno Study Guide Bioarchaeology Bones provide archaeological information Burial provides insight into culture Skeletons cannot show cause of death, only disease, etc. Only mummy shows cause of death Can determine the age and sex, stature, time and cause of death Osteology study of people’s bones Anthropometry metric measurements of bones to compare between populations Paleoathologies trauma in a person evidences in remains from the past Teeth o Best marker for age o Tooth wear, annual growth ridge Bone growth o Sequence of fusion of bones at articular ends esp arms and legs Unfused: epiphyses fuse between 12 and 20 (last to fuse is collar bone, at 26) o Height is measures from the leg bones Events recorded in bones: o Hairline fractures : show dietary stress, observe through x-ray o Harris Line : shows stunted growth during development – times of hardship o Eroded bone surface : shows disease, infection. Lead poisoning o Lipping of lumbar vertebrae shows excessive labor o Violence: Parry Fractures: on the arm, to protect from an attack. Impact and fractures arm Projectile points Scoring of bone from knife cuts Missing body parts b/c of ritual o High status: cranial deformation, skull is elongated or wider o Mummies: Egypt: remove organs and place them into stone vessel called Canopic Jars Andean Mountains: preserve flesh and ornate weavings and feather work Northern Europeans: sacrifing people and place them
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in peat bogss Lindow Man: body found in a jar, was killed
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Archaeology Final - Archaeology Final Foothill College Mary...

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