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Charles Rose Professor Hylkema December 1 st , 2010 American Antiquity, Volume 72, July 2007 Topics in the article: 1. Diet Models for Great Plain Paleoindians 2. Variations in diet 3. Hypothesis on potential reasons for diet 4. Evidence of different faunal NISP in 60 sites 5. Analysis of the evidence 6. Results of Analysis I chose the article titled “A Moveable Feast: Variation in Faunal Resource use Among Central and Western North American Paleoindian Sites (Hill 2007: 417-438)” because it is a very interesting analysis on the diet of Great Plains Paleoindians. I have always been interested in specifically the hunting of Native American cultures and how they were able to do many of the things that they did. The thought of a few Paleoindians
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Unformatted text preview: bringing down a mammoth to feed their entire tribe is honestly quite fascinating and so this article was a perfect choice to focus on. The purpose of the piece is to use the reports from many different Paleoindian sites in the Great Plains to discover how what animals these people were hunting and how the faunal remains varied over distance and time. In the beginning of the article, the author mentions that in the 1970’s many archaeologists began to question whether or not these Native Americans actually did any big game hunting. The author lists different reasons why big game hunting was unlikely or not necessary before he begins to explain the logic behind why it was almost a guarantee....
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