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Glenn Greenwood says his position as an

Glenn Greenwood says his position as an - Mary Minno Group...

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Mary Minno Group Discussion The mainstream news exists to maintain order and balance, to keep the norms intact. They hold no obligation to the public; the only debts owed are to those who sign the checks, those who are causing the problems. Glenn Greenwald and Amy Goodman are two deserving recipients of the Izzy Award. Both carry the title of Independent journalists but also are keenly aware of the structure of the journalistic norm. They know what information is getting to the public and what information never reaches us. Fascinatingly, this speech touches upon what it means to be an Independent journalist and the mechanisms by which Independent can become the new norm. Glenn Greenwood says his position, as an “independent journalist” is indeed “lonely” but not marginalized. He thinks it is beneficial to be considered independent; it means, “You are doing the right thing”. With the technologically driven society that we live in now, the title of Independent does indeed hold almost an honor to it. A journalist on a mission
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