Polemic3 - "The Office" is an NBC success. We find...

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“The Office” is an NBC success. We find ourselves in the midst of its seventh season with no end in sight to the awkward pauses, socially devastating protagonist and way too familiar plot line. Steve Carrel has confirmed that this year will be his last season on the hit show which has pulled in four Emmy’s and quite frankly, has been robbed for half a dozen more (naimly 2010, but now is not the time to go into it). The question is whether or not fans can survive without Carrel, quite noticeably the spark that lights the fire under many office scandals. This season has managed to leave fans impressed; Thursday November 18 th ’s “WUPHF.COM” was hilarious and touched home for those in the Valley. “WUPHF.COM” is a start-up founded by the ever-ambitious Ryan (a temp turned executive found responsible for embezzlement, back to temp, now working out of the supply closet). The opening scene speaks to the unorganized world we now live in, with every person having 5+ means of communicating. “The Office”s solution is to send a
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Polemic3 - "The Office" is an NBC success. We find...

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