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Syllabus for Cell Biology Online

Syllabus for Cell Biology Online - Bio 2203 Cell Biology...

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Bio 2203 – Cell Biology Instructor : Dr. Janice Countaway Office: HOH 301M Phone : (405) 974-5730 e-mail: [email protected] Required Textbook and Web Access : Karp, Gerald, Cell and Molecular Biology; 6 th Edition, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2010; Access to WileyPLUS is Required . www.wileyplus.com Objectives : To develop an understanding of the following: 1) the structure and function of biological molecules. 2) the composition, structure and function of cellular organelles 3) the biological and chemical processes that form the basis of cellular activities, and therefore of life 4) the processes involved in extracellular and intracellular communication and the integration of cellular activity. Prerequisites : CHEM 1103, BIO 1204 with a final grade of C or above. Covered Material : The material to be covered, including the assigned reading, is given in the attached schedule. You will be expected to read the assigned text material. Exams will be based on material covered in class. Material to be covered is detailed and complex and full comprehension will require use of the textbook and on-line resources.
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