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Dr. Hackney STA Solutions pg 137

Dr. Hackney STA Solutions pg 137 - 8-16Solutions Manual for...

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Unformatted text preview: 8-16Solutions Manual for Statistical InferenceWe now choose the constantcto achieve sizeα, and wereject if|¯x-θ|> tn-1,α/2ps2/n.c. Again, see Chapter 5 of Lehmann (1986).8.39 a. From Exercise 4.45c,Wi=Xi-Yi∼n(μW,σ2W), whereμX-μY=μWandσ2X+σ2Y-ρσXσY=σ2W. TheWis are independent because the pairs (Xi,Yi) are.b. The hypotheses are equivalent toH:μW= 0 vsH1:μW6= 0, and, from Exercise 8.38, ifwe rejectHwhen|¯W|> tn-1,α/2pS2W/n, this is the LRT (based onW1,...,Wn) of sizeα. (Note that ifρ >0, VarWican be small and the test will have good power.)8.41 a.λ(x,y) =supHL(μX,μY,σ2|x,y)supL(μX,μY,σ2|x,y)=L(ˆμ,ˆσ2|x,y)L(ˆμX,ˆμY,ˆσ21|x,y).UnderH, theXis andYis are one sample of sizem+nfrom a n(μ,σ2) population, whereμ=μX=μY. So the restricted MLEs areˆμ=∑iXi+∑iYin+m=n¯x+n¯yn+mandˆσ2=∑i(Xi-ˆμ)2+∑i(Yi-ˆμ)2n+m.To obtain the unrestricted MLEs, ˆμx, ˆμy, ˆσ2, useL(μX,μY,σ2|x,y) = (2πσ2)-(n+m)/2e-[Σi(xi-μX)2+Σi(yi-μY)2]/2σ2....
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