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1. A fine-grained rock with hornblende 10% olivine 5% plagioclase 40% and proxene 45% is? a) Basalt 2. If a melt has just begun to crystalize, ____ was the first mineral to grow a) pyroxene 3. TO rise through the crust magmas make space by all of the following processes except ____ a) Following preexisting networks 4. Net ionic charge of a silicon-oxygen a) -4 5. Continent-continent convergent boundary with rock type is most likely to form? a) metamorphic 6. if a rock’s conditions are in between the solidus and liquidus what does that mean? a) Rock is part melt part solid 7. Both earthquakes and volcanoes occur along in Iceland because a) Two plates are diverging there 8. Picture (Island of Hawaii) a) Fixed hot spot currently situated under Hawaii across which the Pacific plate is moving in a northwesterly direction 9. The mantle is primarily composed of __________________- a) Mafic minerals 10. Cubic zirconia are synthetic stones that are manufactured as inexpensive substitutes for diamonds in jewelry. Are cubic zirconia minerals? a) No 11. Alfred Wegener was not able to conceive of a valid mechanism to explain the breakup of pangea. Therefore, much of the scientific a) Had been able to read the scientific papers in English that proposed a mechanism 12. You are hiking near a volcano and find the rock in the image. This rock is said to be a) Intermediate and aphanitic 13. What is the most common use of carbonate minerals? a) Construction and building 14. Match the number of the palte tectonic process most likely to be occurring at that location a) Collision and shortening with subduction (location 1) b) Spreading and thinning of the crust (location 2) c) Collision and shortening without subduction (location 3)
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answer question geo - 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11....

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