Personal Marketing Portfolio Overview 0201 - Spring 2012

Personal Marketing Portfolio Overview 0201 - Spring 2012 -...

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BMGT 367 Personal Marketing Portfolio Spring 2012 | Section 0201 Throughout the semester, BMGT 367 students will complete a Personal Marketing Portfolio (PMP). The assignments in the PMP will correspond with the material presented in class and steps each student will go through when actually searching for a job. Upon completion of this portfolio, students should be well prepared to conduct successful job searches. For each of the 10 parts of the assignment below there is a title, brief description, date due, method of collection and grading, person responsible for grading and point value. Point values have been assigned based on the estimated amount of time and effort that students will need to spend on each assignment. Each part of the assignment will also have a separate detailed instruction sheet available on Blackboard. Part 1: Job Description Choose a job description from HireSmith or another reputable source to use for the various parts of this assignment throughout the semester. A job description is an advertisement for an actual job or internship with an existing company or organization. Be sure to look for a detailed description, as the more details given about the position, the easier the portfolio will be to complete. Upload this assignment to the Blackboard grade book as a MS Word document. Date Due : Tuesday, February 7 Grading Responsibility : Course TA Point Value : 5 Method of Collection : Uploaded electronically to Blackboard in a MS Word Document Part 2: Personal SWOT Analysis This assignment is a self-assessment of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) in a job search for the type of job chosen for the job description assignment. Complete the Personal SWOT Analysis worksheet electronically and upload it to the Blackboard grade book. Date Due
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Personal Marketing Portfolio Overview 0201 - Spring 2012 -...

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