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Project 4- Packaging Design and Profit Maximization Rubric

Some steps are shown but some are skipped making the

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Unformatted text preview: ee or four mistakes. A data table shows the behavior of some, but not all, key functions used. Few or none of the most important data values are highlighted. Incorrect or no use of labels and units. 1 None of Name, Date, Class, and Project title are written at top of the paper. A step by step description of your design strategy is not included or lacks most major steps. Little or no use of mathematical terms. Written Description of your process Algebraic Representation of your process An algebraic solution to your design strategy is not included or has many mistakes. Very few or no steps are shown making the process difficult to follow. More than four mistakes. Numerical Representation of your process (Data Table of functions and derivatives) No data table included Graphical Representation of your process 4 Very clear graphs show the behavior of all key functions used to support your design strategy. All of the important points on the curves are highlighted and their significance to your solution is clearly described. All axis are properl...
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