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Zach Holland Com St. 102 Section 22 Informative Speech Outline Topic: Adrenaline and its effects on the human body Specific Purpose: To better inform my listeners about Epinephrine, how it affects them, and to share extraordinary stories when epinephrine played a major part. Attention-Getting Device: In 2006, Arizona native Tim Boyle saw 18-year-old Kyle Holtrust get pinned underneath a Chevy Camaro. He hurried to the scene and miraculously lifted the 2 ton car off the boy as the driver pulled him out from underneath. You might ask how this man could possibly lift the car. Is he a superhero? That is very unlikely but one element that helped Tim lift the car is the hormone epinephrine, or more popularly known as adrenaline. Credibility: Adrenaline is part of the human body and everyone can recall several moments in their lives where they have had a fight-or-flight experience. I can still recall the feeling right before competition; the nervous, excited feeling I got when it was just my opponent and I on the mat. Thesis: Adrenaline is a fascinating, naturally occurring hormone that every person is affected by Enumerated Preview: Today I will be covering the science behind adrenaline, what exactly an adrenaline junkie is, and how adrenaline contributes to bodily feats of heroism Transition: In an article posted on by Dr. Elizabeth Scott, she better explains the science behind adrenaline Subtopic: What is adrenaline? More scientific term is epinephrine
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Informative Essay - Zach Holland Com St 102 Section 22...

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