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Zach Holland Com St. 102 Peer Review Informative Speech Speaker: Bailey Critiquer: Zach Holland Speech Topic: Benefits of Laughter Bailey’s voice was clear and concise during her speech. She seemed prepared and in no way nervous. One improvement for voice delivery was that she could have used her hands more to get her point across instead of resting her hands on the desk during the duration of the speech. Bailey’s body language was just as comfortable as her voice. Her eye contact was good and also helped showed her level of preparation. For the beginning of her speech, Bailey had a proper attention catcher but her speech lacked a clear thesis
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Unformatted text preview: and main point preview. Her transitions were smooth and her conclusion restated elements of the introduction. For microstructure, her language was clear and there were no um’s or hum’s. As for her supporting points they all helped inform the listener of her main point about the benefits of laughter. I did learn something new but I would have liked to seen more about the science behind laughter. Her material was relevant and she related our stressful student life to the topic....
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