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Zach Holland Com St. 102 Peer Review Informative Speech Speaker: Paulina Mckenna Critiquer: Zach Holland Speech Topic: Disney Fairytales Delivery Voice: Paulina used a smooth speaking style with a clear and accurate voice. Her speed was good, not too fast at any point of the presentation, and was easy to understand due to her good pronounciation. Body Language: Paulina’s eye contact was good, as she only glanced at her cards momentarily to remind herself of the next topic. Her attire was appropriate and professional. Paulina could have used better hand gestures but her facial expressions were proficient and varied. Structure Macrostructure: She created relevance right at the beginning with asking “who grew up on Disney fairytales” to the whole classroom. Of course the whole class raised their hands. The thesis and exact persuasive topic was very hard to pinpoint and I couldn’t tell
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Unformatted text preview: exactly what Paulina was trying to prove. Her transitions were smooth and well thought out. Her restated thesis was much better restated than the original thesis. Microstructure: Paulinas language was clear. She could have explained the dark fairytales better and more thoroughly. Her pauses were strategically placed with no use of ums or uhs. Content Analysis: Paulinas supporting points were relevant and backed up her thesis correctly. She could have explained more to her male listeners about the self imaging topic concerning the thinning waistline of the female characters. Supporting Material: The information was recent with the idea of creating new fairy tales containing more realistic story lines. I was persuaded that we need to revamp fairy tales. More thought should have been put into the visual, like adding pictures of the dark fairy tales....
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