Persuasive Speech Outline #2

Persuasive Speech Outline #2 - Zach Holland Persuasive...

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Zach Holland Persuasive Speech Outline 4/17/11 General Information 1. General Goal – To persuade people why we should switch from athletic scholarships to a needs-based system 2. Specific Goal – To persuade people that the system now in place is inadequate and takes away from the academic integrity of Division 1 NCAA Universities 3. Form of reasoning – Because being a student at a Division 1 university I can personally see how and why this system does not work 4. Type of Claim Made (fact, value, or policy) – Policy Introduction Attention Catcher - Being a pac-10 school in a small city makes the student- athletes in Pullman, local celebrities. When someone says the term student- athletes I kind of laugh as should everyone else. As we can all agree, student- athletes such as the football and basketball players are here first for athletics and treat academics as a secondary issue. Changing to a needs-based system will help stabilized the foundation of college sports to where they once were. Listener Relevance – It is unfair to students like the ones in this class that have to go through much harder standards to gain acceptance into schools like Washington State University while student-athletes can find their way around their below average High School GPA and SAT scores. Speaker Credibility – Being a Sport Management Major and Division 1 University student that has experience with the needs-based system Thesis Statement presented as a proposition – I want you everyone to understand that switching to a needs-based system in Division 1 athletics will help bring back the integrity to the word “student-athlete,” let these athletes be students once again, and will help restructure even high school and youth sports. Preview of Main Points
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Persuasive Speech Outline #2 - Zach Holland Persuasive...

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