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Persuasive Speech Outline - Zach Holland Com St. 102...

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Zach Holland Com St. 102 Section 22 Persuasive Speech Outline Topic: Replacing Athletic Scholarships Specific Purpose: To persuade my listeners that athletic scholarships are hurting the academic integrity of intercollegiate sports and that NCAA Division 1 schools need to switch to a needs-based financial aid system. Attention-Getting Device: Being a pac-10 school in a small city makes the student- athletes in Pullman, local celebrities. When someone says the term student-athletes I kind of laugh as should everyone else. As we can all agree, student-athletes such as the football and basketball players are here first for athletics and treat academics as a secondary issue. Changing to a needs-based system will help stabilized the foundation of college sports to where they once were. Credibility: Being a Sport Management Major and a student at a major four-year university I have seen first-hand the commercialization and inequality involved with NCAA Division 1 athletics. Thesis: Switching to a needs-based system in Division 1 athletics will help bring back the integrity to the word “student-athlete,” let these athletes be students once again, and will help restructure even high school and youth sports. Enumerated Preview: Today I will be covering how athletic scholarships work today, how much the needs-based system will change college athletics, how athletic scholarships affect high school and youth sports, and the other alternative to athletic scholarships. Video: Selling the NCAA
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Persuasive Speech Outline - Zach Holland Com St. 102...

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