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Individual form 2nd version - Ch 3 Group Work for...

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Ch 3 Group Work for Discussion Zach Holland 11137169 Soc. In Sports Ancient Greece Roman Empire Europe Middle Ages Europe Renaissance thru Enlightenment US – Early Industrial Revoltn US – Later Industrial Revoltn US Since 1920s Sport form Track Sports Wrestling Archery Chariot races Gladiators Boxing Folk games Ball games Horse racing Boxing Fencing Yachting Bowling Billiards Baseball Gymnastics Clubs/Local Football Baseball Soccer Who were the competitors Able body Young greek males Murderers Thieves Slaves Christians Peasants Nobles Knights Rich Middle Class Industrial Higher class Wealthy students All ethnical races Why them Could afford coaches and travel Socially undesirable Knights for military reasons Private property People outside city had more free time To establish power and to show wealth Public money and facilities began to be used Gender inequalities Women were forbid to be spectators Women controlled by men, not used as athletes Women seldom involved Women had few opportunities
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Individual form 2nd version - Ch 3 Group Work for...

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