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The Revolution of College Athletics I. Overall thesis—With conference realignment, billion dollar television contracts and debates of instituting a pay-for-play system, are college sports changing as we know it? A. Mega-conferences B. Television contracts C. Pay-for-play D. Exploitation of student-athletes II. Mega-conferences A. Talk about the possibilities of 16-team conferences? 1. Show how conferences were created and the purpose they serve 2. Illustrate how they have changed over time and how some conferences have been a thing of the past B. Talk about the driving force: football and money 1. Explain that without a full football conference the big east could crumble 2. Direct quotes from coaches acknowledging that the shift in conferences is driven by greed C. Talk about wsu 1. Could force schools like Washington state farther down the
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Unformatted text preview: ladder III. Television Contracts A. Talk about the history of college football on national television 1. Explain the NCAA ruling over time 2. Use Notre Dame as an example B. Talk about the pac-12 1. Billion dollar contract with ABC/ESPN 2. Schools follow the leader 3. Could possibly help with the national and ranking bias C. Talk about revenue sharing between the teams in the conference 1. The billion dollar contract helped WSU 2. How it helps school even at the bottom IV. Exploitation of student athletes A. Explain how college executives are making money while the athletes are not B. Talk about the study that shows the average amount a division 1 football and basketball athlete is worth C. Explain cases where athletes tried to sell merchandise...
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