Speech Outline - Zach Holland Sports in Society Speech...

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Zach Holland Sports in Society Speech Outline Topic: Revolution of College Athletics Introduction: Today I will be explaining how the amateur circuit of college athletics has transformed overtime into one of the biggest businesses in the country. I will be going over several topics that have affected the growth of college sports. These topics include the priorities of our nation as a whole, the media attention and television contracts that are now being signed, conference realignment, the introduction of mega-conferences and a playoff system, and how much college athletes are really worth. Transition: For the sociological aspect of my paper I covered how American’s priorities force colleges to invest much more time and money into their athletic programs than their research programs Subtopic: Priorities of our nation The United States is the only country in the world that hosts big time sports at institutions of higher learning. Unlike other universities around the world that solely focus on the infrastructure of education buildings our universities are worried about their football stadiums Institutions are now rushing to build the biggest and best facilities for their athletics. If they do not keep up with other programs they will lose recruits, wins, and ultimately money. Transition: Someone new to our nation might question exactly how college sports got to where they are today and exactly how the newly established pac-12 can value its football and basketball television rights at over $250 million annually Subtopic: Media attention and television contracts
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Speech Outline - Zach Holland Sports in Society Speech...

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