Extra Credit Cases - Extra Credit Briefs Your assignments...

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Extra Credit Briefs Your assignments for extra credit (5 points possible for each case are added first to homework grade until it’s a perfect grade, then to your quiz grades) are to read and brief any or all of the five cases below. You can brief any or all of the five cases and receive up to 5 points for each case for a total of 25 points IF your brief makes a perfect grade for each case. Or brief any case separately for a possible of 5 points each. Caveat: The cases are full unedited court opinions and may have several issues. All issues must be briefed to receive credit. They are by far more difficult to brief and earn points than your homework briefs. Grading is far more strict and expecting of both effort and quality of work product than homework briefs. But at least one extra credit point will be given for a genuine and bona fide attempt at completing each case, addressing every issue ruled on by the court. You must avoid the following fatal mistakes as plagiarism, violations of copyright law and student ethics codes including: 1. Pasting portions of the court opinion as part of your brief, unless it is a minimal quotation with source fully acknowledged (by case name, name of the judge who wrote the quotation, case citation – volume number, page and court, including page number where the quote starts); 2. Submitting any briefs prepared by someone else (all previously submitted briefs have been scanned and entered into the anti- plagiarism software TurnItIn data base); 3. Copying someone else’s briefs (again subject to scan detection by TurnItIn ). All extra credit briefs must be typed or PC printed and submitted before the final class Friday, April 30 1, 2010, in order to be counted as part of your final grade. To receive the maximum possible grade, each brief must correctly identify the pertinent facts, all issues, holdings and the reasoning/law. All students who elect to attempt extra credit, assume all risks that briefs may be misplaced or lost and absolutely no credit shall 1
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be given for briefs that are submitted after the last class(11:10am for Section 7, 12:10pm for section 10) whether the claim is that the brief was submitted in class, on time and must’ve been lost from the Instructor’s files by the Instructor, someone else or any other reason whatsoever that would cause any brief from being graded and posted as extra credit. . First Extra Credit Case: WEYERHAEUSER COMPANY, PETITIONER v. ROSS- SIMMONS HARDWOOD LUMBER COMPANY, INC. on writ of certiorari to the united states supreme court from court of appeals for the ninth circuit [February 20, 2007] Justice Thomas delivered the opinion of the Court. Respondent Ross-Simmons, a sawmill, sued petitioner Weyerhaeuser, alleging that Weyerhaeuser drove it out of business by bidding up the price of sawlogs to a level that prevented Ross-Simmons from being profitable. A jury returned a verdict in favor of Ross-Simmons on its monopolization claim, and the Ninth Circuit affirmed. We granted
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Extra Credit Cases - Extra Credit Briefs Your assignments...

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