MgtOp 101 SG 3 - MgtOp 101 Test 3 Study Sheet It is NOT...

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MgtOp 101 Test 3 Study Sheet It is NOT more costly to try to manufacture perfect products (that is, quality assurance which aims for zero defects) than it is to check them for quality (quality control) prior to shipping them out Six-sigma is a quality measure that allows only 3.4 per million opportunities Under the six-sigma quality standard, the idea is to detect potential problems and prevent their occurrence As CEO, you have to decide to adopt Quality Management practices to help improve your firm’s revenues from sales. Market advantage and Product Reliability are the parts of quality management content that will help you achieve this objective The process of planning for and implementing quality management would likely include all of these techniques EXCEPT eliminating layers of middle management from the organization ISO 9000 is NOT a measure of productivity, Japanese system, an award for best advertising. NONE OF THE ABOVE When Nokia uses quality management principles and practices to reduce the number of parts in their mobile phones the content of their strategy is aimed at improving Product- design efficiency The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award GOES to any firm that achieves the Six- sigma quality standard in the production of its goods Given the weighting of points within the Baldrige Award criteria, the awarding committee sees None of the above as a less important part of the Quality Management process than other criteria Your company has a problem with inventory control so your boss has asked you to do
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MgtOp 101 SG 3 - MgtOp 101 Test 3 Study Sheet It is NOT...

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