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Zach Holland Na Am Music Review #13 2/20/2011 The Changing Soundscape in Indian Country The article for review #13 starts off by stating that no matter how traditional a style of music might be there is always room for change. One major reason is due to varying styles and interpretations by different musical artists. Things that might change the music include the way the performer prepares, if a new instrument is invented, or if the musician purposely changes the style of music itself. Besides music, this statement is true with any skill or hobby. Not every professional skateboarder skates the same way because they prepare differently, spending more time on some tricks than others, and because professional skaters all have different styles. I know fans prefer some skaters over others solely because of their style. You can also compare a new instrument to a musician as you can a new trick to a professional skater. One main influence on Indian Country music changing was the sometimes forced
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