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Review #15 - Zach Holland Na Am Music Review#15 Group#2...

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Zach Holland Na Am Music Review #15 Group #2 Songs from Spirit: Power and Prayer in the Columbia Plateau From reading the introduction I can tell that this study will be going very in depth with the term Spirit . I also see that this study will be focusing on the element of power when involved with song and how song can act as the driving power for this power. One main point is that this study will not try to prove something that cannot be scientifically measured or proven. The study compares the real of Spirit to the Christian belief of Heaven and how God resides there. I think a good point made in the study is that Spirit is flexible and how Spirit can conform and be relevant in all religious faiths. The next term defined power , in this context, refers to “the energy that first passes from Spirit to the individual.” The study then talks about the Methodology of the thesis and how the author will be tackling the topic with personal oral accounts, his own experience, and fieldwork.
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