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Zach Holland Na Am Music Review #17 Group #2 Songs from Spirit: Power and Prayer in the Columbia Plateau Chapter four starts out explaining that Native people from the Columbian Plateau did not see different ways of praying. As it says in the study, prayer was prayer and no matter how you look at it when someone is praying they are accomplishing the same thing as anyone else who prays. Just by this statement I can see that Native people are more accepting to other religious traditions. I have never read a story where Native Americans traveled to Europe to push their religion on other people. Native Americans just pray and study exactly what their ancestors have learned. As the study states, all types of religions were trying to push their way onto the Native peoples. The Congregationalist, Methodist, Protestant, and Catholic churches all sent representatives to North America. One man who wanted to cooperate with the Native people was Pierre DeSmet, who wanted to people to learn Catholicism through song. The verses of
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