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Zach Holland Na Am Music Article and Response The Constructed World of Federal Indian Law The federal Indian law is not a set of laws but a collection of ideas. The first two paragraphs of this article are full of vague quotes and don’t truly start the article with a strong meaning. I didn’t fully understand what the article was trying to attack until the third paragraph. The third paragraph finally states that there is a “misconception” that shadows the federal Indian law. This paragraph explains that the Indian laws were simply ideas made by non-Indian minds that make up a false Indian “world.” Some people the article mentions when concerning who thought of these laws are John Marshall and Joseph Story, who both respectively helped with The United States Constitution. This law
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Unformatted text preview: set it up so that young Indians grew up with non-Indian ideas. This hurts the preservation of Indian culture and starts to change the population as a whole. The author wants to get the point across that Natives should realize these “laws” are non-Indian and that it creates a “metaphoric reality.” He also wants the people to know that this “metaphoric reality” does not benefit the Natives or help protect them. His solution is that the people need to understand and consider this reality to be invalid and that the federal Indian law should not be associated with the word “law.” If this were to happen it would help continue the culture of Natives....
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