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Zach Holland Soc 102 Exam 1 Study Guide Lecture Notes Survey Data Demographic information: eg; age, sex, education Attitudes: How positively or negatively do you feel about democrats or republicans Beliefs: do you believe global warming is from humans Self reports of past or intended behavior Measurement Issues May not have the answer choice that you prefer Self-report bias Generalizability If you get information from a random sample drawn from a larger population, you can generalize to the larger group Response Issues Response rate on the survey o Percent of people from your sample who actually participated Response rate on particular questions o The percent of people who skipped a particular question People who skip questions because they might be identifiable How to change Social Environment? Physically move Different education Join a club or organization Why do people stay in the same quintile? Consequences for the individual; give up from climbing class ladder Consequences for society Why do Supreme Court justices live longer than everyone else? Because there is a correlation doesn’t mean they cause each other to help them 1. Wealth and Health correlation o Rich people are healthier (better health care) and poor people are sicker (poor health care) 2. Time order o Wealth Health o Health Wealth 3. Non-spurious o a mathematical relationship in which two occurrences have no causal connection, yet it may be inferred that they do, due to a certain third, unseen factor Imagine 2 Worlds World A: You earn $110,000 a year, other earn $200,000 a year World B: You earn $100,000 a year, other earn $85,000 a year o Which would you choose? WORLD B Absolute Income If absolute income matters, when average income increases, everybody is better off; the standard of living increases Implication: people should be able to make as much money as they want and spend it how they want Relative Income Increases in average income leave the people at the bottom behind Implication: we should limit inequality
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Soc 102 Study Guide 1 - Zach Holland Soc 102 Exam 1 Study...

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