Company Evaluation - Zach Holland Sport Finance 1/27/12...

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Zach Holland Sport Finance 1/27/12 Stock Market Report Under Armour Inc. (UA) Under Armour Inc. is one of the leading sport merchandise companies in the world. Not only do they supply college athletic departments merchandise, Under Armour has expanded the hunting merchandise sector. They were innovators when it came to creating new layering materials. It’s hard to find anyone who has played an organized sport that has not owned a piece of Under Armour layering. Under Armour brought innovative materials and opened the eyes of companies like Nike and Adidas when it came to the future of merchandising material. Breathability is a word now used in almost every description of a new uniform for any sporting team. The under layer products Under Armour has produced can be seen on the gridiron, in a soccer stadium, or on a recreational skier. I chose Under Armour Inc. because of multiple facts stated above. I felt like investing in Nike would be too generic and I wanted to follow the progress of a company in the sporting good sector that is trying to obtain the top position. I feel that Under Armour has more motivations to unveil innovative products and think outside the box when they are competing with Nike and Adidas. I really respect what Under Armour has done with their outdoor products
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Company Evaluation - Zach Holland Sport Finance 1/27/12...

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