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Zach Holland Managing Sport Org. 1/17/12 What is the difference between a clock builder and a time teller in terms of managing an organization? A time teller would be described as someone who has the ability to create a great idea or one’s capability of being a visionary leader. Extending a time tellers ability to run a company is key because leaders capable of these characteristics need someone to replace them as well. Clock builders are models of what the company stands for. If one of the leaders moves on, the organization and direction of the firm carry on as planned. The wealth of the company is spread broadly so many people may succeed. This model is more likely to create a successful business. Time teller model relies more on a product itself while the clock building model pertains to the context of a company. What do the authors mean by the tyranny of "or"? Tyranny of “or”- the rational view that cannot easily accept paradox, that cannot
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