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Zach Holland Managing Sport Org. 1/25/12 Unit 4 Part 1 1. Explain the concepts of complexity, formalization, and centralization when setting up an organizational structure. Complexity- First structural dimension is complexity. Parts of complexity of a company include the various job titles, the way in which the organization is departmentalized, and the hierarchy of authority. In some organizations the level of complexity might differ between departments. Formalization- The second structural dimension. Formalization strongly influences the way individuals are able to behave in an organization. Works to control the amount of discretion individuals or groups are allowed to exercise when performing their jobs. Formalization refers to the extent in which mechanisms such as rules and regulations, job descriptions, and policies and procedures govern the operation of a sport organization. Not only a structural component, but also a control mechanism that has political and ethical
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Unformatted text preview: ramifications. • Centralization- The third structural dimension. When decisions are delegated to lower levels, the organization is decentralized. Centralization refers to the way in which power is distributed in any organization. Power means the capacity of one actor to move other actors to action. The smaller the proportion of jobs and occupations that participate in decision making and the fewer the decision-making areas in which they are involved, the more centralized the organization. 2. Set up a structure via an organizational chart by applying the concepts of vertical, horizontal, and spatial differentiations as well as span of control for your Pullman Recreation Center. President & CEO of Pullam Recreation Center CIO of Pullman Recreation Center Activities Coordinator Aquatics Coordinator Head of Daily Operations Aquatics Staff Front Desk Assistant Activities assistant...
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