Unit 4 Part 2 - defensive mechanisms becoming apathetic and uninterested or reducing production How can you apply his theory to alleviate

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Zach Holland Managing Sport Org. 1/30/12 Unit 4 Part 2 Explain Chris Argyris’ Basic Incongruity Theory. The basic incongruity theory refers to the proposition that the perception of an incongruity is a necessary condition of the occurrence of the experience, an episode, of humor – or to put it differently, of the experience of humor. It is thought that if workers become frustrated or have the feeling of conflict or failure they will adapt with several options. These options include leaving the company, working their way up the ladder, distorting their world through
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Unformatted text preview: defensive mechanisms, becoming apathetic and uninterested, or reducing production. How can you apply his theory to alleviate structural problems? • This theory may be applied to a business to “lighten up the mood.” This, by theory, will increase proficiency, retain workers, and regain the interest of workers. It is also stated that humor strengthens the ability of the brain to find mistakes in active belief structures. If there is a humorous work environment workers will be able to more easily identify structural problems and correct those problems....
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