Koran - Sura 4 - Women

Koran - Sura 4 - Women - Sura 4 Women(from The Koran O men...

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Sura 4 – Women (from The Koran) O men! Fear your Lord, who hath created you of one man…and of him created his wife, and from these twain hath spread abroad so many men and women. And fear ye God, in whose name ye ask mutual favours, - and reverence the wombs that bore you. Verily is God watching you…. And if ye are apprehensive that ye shall not deal fairly with orphans, then of other women who seem good in your eyes, marry but two, or three, or four; and if ye still fear that ye shall not act equitably, then one only; or the slaves whom ye have acquired: this will make justice on your part easier. Give women their dowry freely; but if of themselves they give up aught thereof to you, then enjoy it as convenient, and profitable: And entrust not to the incapable the substance which God hath placed with you for their support; but maintain them therewith, and clothe them, and speak to them with kindly speech. And make trial of orphans until they reach the age of marriage; and if y perceive in them a sound judgment, then hand over their substance to them; but consume ye it not wastefully, or by hastily entrusting it to them ; Because they are growing up. And let the rich guardian not even touch it; and let him who is poor use it for his support (eat of it) with discretion. And when ye make over their substance to them, then take witnesses in their presence: God also maketh a sufficient account. Men ought to have a part of what their parents and kindred leave; and women a part of what their parents and kindred leave: whether it be little or much, let them have a stated portion. And when they who are of kin are present at the division, and the orphans and the poor, let them too have a share; and speak to them with kindly speech…. With regard to your children, God commandeth you to give the male the portion of two females; and if they be females more than two, then they shall have two-thirds of that which their father hath left… If any of your women be guilty of whoredom, then bring four witnesses against them from among yourselves; and if they bear witness to the fact, shut them up within their houses till death release them,* or God make some way for them. And if two men among you commit the same crime, then punish them both; but if they turn and amend, then let them be; for God is He who turneth, Merciful! O believers! It is not allowed you to be heirs of your wives against their will; nor to hinder them from marrying, in order to take from them part of the dowry you had given them, unless
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they have been guilty of undoubted lewdness; but associate kindly with them: for if ye are estranged from them, haply ye are estranged from that in which God placed abundant good. And if ye be desirous to exchange one wife for another, and have given one of them a
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Koran - Sura 4 - Women - Sura 4 Women(from The Koran O men...

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