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US - What Causes Poverty, from Cochran

US - What Causes Poverty, from Cochran - What Causes...

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What Causes Poverty? (from Cochran, et al., American Public Policy: An Introduction, 9 th ) Conservative Views Conservatives argue that there is little involuntary poverty in the United States. Those who wish to work and to achieve a decent standard of living can do so by taking advantage of the free enterprise system’s opportunities. For those unable to work, because of age, physical handicap, or other disability, sufficient resources exist from social insurance programs and private philanthropy. The poor who are adult and healthy are, in this view, poor because they lack the self-discipline to work hard, save, and to delay immediate pleasures for a better future – that is, the poor choose not to pursue the educational and employment opportunities available to everyone. Conservatives also attribute these supposed qualities of the poor to a culture of poverty. Individual poor persons learn these attitudes from the culture around them, which
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