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Stefano Micossi is General Director of Assonime in Rome, Professor of Economics at the College of Europe and Member of the CEPS Board of Directors. He is co-editor, with Gian Luigi Tosato, of a new CEPS book, The European Union in the 21 st Century: Perspectives from the Lisbon Treaty , December 2009. This Commentary also appeared in the December 2009 issue of CEPS News. CEPS Commentaries offer concise, policy-oriented insights into topical issues in European affairs. The views expressed are attributable only to the author in a personal capacity and not to any institution with which he is associated. Available for free downloading from the CEPS website (http://www.ceps.eu) y © CEPS 2009 Place du Congrès 1 B-1000 Brussels Tel: (32.2) 229.39.11 Fax: (32.2) 219.41.51 http://www.ceps.eu Fresh Opportunities from the Treaty of Lisbon Stefano Micossi 14 December 2009 hese are not merry days in European capitals, as we struggle through the deepest economic and financial crisis in seven decades. The Union’s institutions are suffering even more, under the combined effects of weak leadership and the opaque scramble for the new posts created by the Treaty of Lisbon. And yet, these times could become the occasion for major advances in the European construction, out of necessity if not political vision. Despite its complexity and verbosity, the Treaty of Lisbon is a good Treaty that can resolve major
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CEPS-Micossi_FreshOpportuntiesFromTheTreatyOfLisbon - Fresh...

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