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20 TH -Century Chinese Literature In Translation : "The Great Wind" By Chang Hsien-liang Kaldis 1 "The Great Wind" By Chang Hsien-liang (Zhang Xianliang) B eginning on page 4 below , you will find, in this order: 1. Chang Hsien-liang 's poem: "The Great Wind". Published July 1957 in that month's issue of the journal Yen Ho = The Yen River . 2. Chang's letter to the editors. Written before the poem was actually published. Chang's letter is dated April 7, 1957, and is the young poet Chang's response to the editorial board's letter with comments on "The Great Wind", he'd just submitted to be published in their journal Yen Ho (= The Yen River ). Neither letter was intended to be published. Chang assumed that what he wrote to the Editor ("Comrade Editor") was part of the usually unpublished type of correspondence that takes place between an author submitting original creative work (here, poetry) to a journal and the l ikewise private/unpublished response from the journal's editors, mailed to the author. 3. The Editorial Board's self-criticism. The editors fault themselves for having mistakenly not understood how politically subversive and traitorous the poem and poet are. As the Hundred Flowers Movement morphed into the Anti-Rightist Campaign, the political atmosphere rapidly turned paranoid, poisonous, and extremely perilous. Witness how the editors strive to place as much possible blame this "reactionary" poet and his poem (i.e., to cover their asses), to avoid being labeled as "rightist" with its concomitant severe punishment and suffering. The Editorial Board's criticism and distancing of themselves from " The Great Wind " is clearly in response to Chairman Mao's sudden reversal of the 100 Flowers Campaign and his launching of the vicious intellectual witch hunt --the Anti-Rightist Campaign. 4. Chang's "AFTERWORD" to the poem. This Afterword probably immediately followed his poem when Chang first submitted it, but the Editors left it out of the July issue. A month later, when they are in political hot water for publishing the poem, they publish Chang's"AFTERWORD" together with their self-criticism, to help make the case against the poet even more damning, and clearly distance
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W6-Chang+Hsien-Liang-The+Great+Wind_Critics - 20TH-Century...

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