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AAAS 352 / COLI 380H : 20TH-Century Chinese Fiction in Translation Post-Mao Literary History: Roots-Seeking Literature: BB Lecture Notes ©Kaldis 1 ASIAN 261 : 20TH-Century Chinese Fiction in Translation: Post-Mao Literary History: Roots-Seeking Literature: Lecture Notes HISTORICAL CONTEXT 1980s “Culture Fever” ( ) Han Shaogong’S article “Literary Roots” ( 文ኪ的根 ): “how can writers revive and renovate Chinese literature when they find themselves so cut off from their cultural tradition?” ROOTS-SEEKING LITERATURE ( 尋根文ኪ ):ca. 1985 and 1988. HISTORY OF THE ROOTS-SEEKING GENRE To “seek [new] Chinese roots” that go deep into Chinese cultural soil, before it was contaminated by Maoist politics, culture, and language; To go back into pre-communist Chinese culture, in a search for Language, Settings, Themes, Gender, and Characters; Indigenous/autochthonous traditional Chinese culture; To regain an essential Chinese cultural purity that had not been tainted by politics and history; ‘Tradition VS Modernity.’”
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