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3 ECE 382 Course Outline Textbook : K. Ogata, “Modern Control Engineering,” Fourth Edition, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 2002, ISBN: 0-13-060907-2. Lectures Topics Reading 1-4 Course introduction and review of differential equations Text pp. 1-8, 40-42 plus class notes 5-7 Transfer functions, block diagrams, and signal flow graphs pp. 53-70, 104-112 plus class notes 8-9 Mathematical models of physical systems pp. 85-99, 139-141 10-12 Analogous systems class notes 13-14 Reduction of effects of parameter variations and disturbances class notes 15-17 Time domain performance parameters Steady-state errors pp. 219-243 288-293 Test 1 18-20 Stability analysis. Routh test pp. 275-281 21-25 Root locus method pp. 337-372 Test 2 Routh Stability Test and Root
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Unformatted text preview: Locus 26-29 Frequency response and Bode diagrams pp. 492-523, 584-589 30-33 Nyquist stability criterion; phase and gain margins pp. 523-561 562-573 Test 3 Bode Diagram and Nyquist Plot 34 Compensator design pp. 416-419 plus class notes 35-36 Lead network: root locus pp. 419-429 37-38 Lead network: Frequency domain pp. 618-630 39-40 Lag network: root locus pp. 429-439 41 Lag network: Frequency domain pp. 630-638 42 Lag-lead network design pp. 439-450, 639-648 Three scheduled regular class session(s) will be canceled to make up for the three 1-hour evening exams. We will determine which three class periods will be canceled at a later date. Final Exam schedule will be posted once known from the scheduling office....
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