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ECE 382 Homework 11 Due: Monday, March 1, 2010 Compensator Actuator Carburetor Engine and load Speed km/h C(s) Engine torque Throttle position, cm sensor M(s) volts R(s) volts + G c (s) 1 s 0.5 0.4 25 0.5s+1 Consider the automobile cruise-control system as shown above. (a) Sketch the uncompensated-system root locus, and give the time constant of the complex roots. (b) Design a compensator such that the system complex poles have ζ = 0 . 707 and the time constant is one-half that found in (a). What type of compensator should you design for this system? (c) Sketch the root locus for the compensated system, showing the closed-loop transfer function poles. (d) Use MATLAB to verify the closed-loop pole location in (b).
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Unformatted text preview: (e) Use MATLAB to show the unit step response of the compensated system (use “step” func-tion). (f) What is the percentage maximum overshoot of the compensated system? Does it agree with the desired system performance of having ζ = . 707? Justify and explain your result. NOTE: You have to use MATLAB program to do the above design problem. When you need accurate numbers, use Matlab commands to find/print the numbers instead of reading the numbers from the plots. All calculations must carry up to 2 decimal places....
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