MMC 2604 Exam 1 Study Guide

MMC 2604 Exam 1 Study Guide - Study Guide! Chpt.1 o...

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Study Guide!!! Chpt.1 o Communication- The creation and use of symbol systems that convey information and meaning o Culture- The symbols of expression that individuals, groups, and societies use to make sense of daily life and articulate their values o Mass Media- The cultural industries—the channels of communication— that produce and distribute songs, novels, newspapers, movies, Internet services, and other cultural products to large numbers of people o Mass Communication- The process of designing cultural messages and stories and delivering them to large and diverse audiences through media channels as old as the printed book and as new as the Internet o Convergence- The technological merging of content in different mass media o Cross-Platform- A business model that involves consolidating various media holdings under one corporate umbrella o Selective Exposure- When people typically seek messages and produce meanings that correspond to their own cultural beliefs, values, and interests o The Sleeper Curve- Read pages 20-21 in book o Media at their best and worst (pg. 5) o The evolution of mass comm. (pg. 5-10) o The invention of the printing press (pg. 7) o First print medium to be mass marketed: the book! o 3 stages of a new mass medium: Development/Novelty Stage- inventors and technicians try to solve a particular problem Entrepreneurial Stage- inventors and technicians determine a practical and marketable use for the new device Mass Medium Stage- businesses figure out how to market the new device as a consumer product o Linear model of mass comm.: Senders Messages Mass media channel Receivers
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MMC 2604 Exam 1 Study Guide - Study Guide! Chpt.1 o...

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