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cities assn2 - make more lights and they wouldn’t stack...

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Isaac Schamis 4476-6114 Assignment 2 In order to alleviate traffic congestion on the University of Florida campus, two different measures could be taken. First, the speed limit could be raised from the 20 miles per hour that it is now to 25 or 30. There have been many times that I have seen cars miss a stale green light because they were simply going too slow. As a result, other cars became backed up behind them at the red light, and consequently, congestion builds. Traffic would flow much more efficiently with a higher speed limit as more cars could
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Unformatted text preview: make more lights, and they wouldn’t stack up behind each other. In addition, another way to alleviate traffic congestion would be to sell less parking decals to students. If less decals were sold, then less people would be able to park on campus, making driving to class much less popular. This way, students would be forced to take public transportation, such as the bus, or carpool with other friends. If these two measures were taken, there would be much less congestion on the University of Florida campus....
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