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Link 4 was analyzed first. The first iteration used the free body diagram of link 4 with-out gravity. The second iteration was done to include gravity. Combining these iterations gave a correct result for forces F 54 and F 24 . Force polygons were used to analyze the forces. The scale was 1” equals 100 lbf. Figure 5-1 shows the force polygon used to obtain the x and y components for F 54 . Figure 6-1 shows the force polygon use to obtain the x and y components for F 24 . The next link that was analyzed was link 5. Link 5 is a 2 force member. By knowing the angle and magnitude of link F 54 and the weight, force F 35 was obtained. The free body diagram of link 5 is shown in Figure 7-1. The force polygon used to obtain force F 53 is shown in figure 8-1. Next, link 3 was analyzed using the graphical method. Link 3 is a 4 force member. In order to analyze link 3, the resultant of force F 53 and W
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Unformatted text preview: 3 was found. This is possible because the magnitude of both force F 53 and W 3 are known. It is also known that F 23 acts in the y-direction only. The force polygon found using the resultant force and the known angle of F 23 allows forces F 13 and F 23 to be found. Link 2 was the last link analyzed. Link 2 is a 4 force and a torque member. From the analysis above, the magnitude and orientation of both F 32 and F 42 are known. The weight is given. Using this information, the resultant force of F 42 and F 32 was found. Adding in the weight allowed for the force polygon used to find F 12 to be constructed. Also, since the line of action for F 42 is known, a perpendicular line is drawn from point O 2 to the line of action for F 42 (shown in blue) in order to compute the input torque. The input torque is computed using the distance and the resultant force....
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