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1notes - o Invention guidelines for preparing the content...

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Spcm 1100 Friday, August 20, 2010 Transactional model of communication o Sender encodes a message o Receiver decodes the message o Message is sent via a channel o Audience provides feedback o Noise may interfere with message transmission (internal, external, cultural) o Speech occurs within a situational context. [location, time of day, place, o Speech also occurs within a larger cultural framework . [hand gestures.] {set up an account- surveymonkey.com} Extemporaneous speaking- Fully prepared. Delivered conversationally. Include in speech. Name. where you’re from. Monday, August 23, 2010 Public speaking and careers o What are five occupations in which public speaking is essential? Politics, news casting, education, business, priest, coach, attorney What are five occupations in which a person might expect not to speak in public? Trash collector, construction If not public speaking, what type of communication will occur in the latter occupations? The canons of rhetoric
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Unformatted text preview: o Invention- guidelines for preparing the content of your speech. Analyzing your audience [surveymonkey] Choosing an appropriate topic Gathering evidence Developing a rational, logical argument • Canon of disposition or arrangement o Pertains to how to organize and outline your speech o Using connectives to connect your ideas in the speech. • Canon of style o Pertains to language use. o Who are some speakers who have used this canon particularly well? Obama, comedians, MLK • Canon of memory o Aka the “lost canon” because we rarely memorize speeches anymore o Most of the speeches given today are either manuscript or extemporaneous. • Canon of delivery o Provides guidelines for effective speech delivery: Eye contact Facial expressions Dynamism Good posture that exudes confidence Appropriate gesturing Conversational style Staying within allotted time...
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