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4notes - Frame/border photos Use same one throughout...

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Powerpoint Suggestions Powerpoint, don’t want to overwhelm with info, BALANCE SLIDES, if one pic needs whole then ok. Can bring in one at a time instead of all at once. Frame/border photos. Use same border consistently Don’t overlap photos, look messy. Keep it simple! Photos/text, etc. can use logos. Don’t use photos with watermark either use photos/videos taken yourself or use google images Use text sparingly. Make easy to read. DO NOT USE YELLOW, PINK, even black might be hard to read. Stick with default. Bullet/ number each pt. bring one at a time. Make animation scheme same, consistent. Point to it once, don’t need to circle it. Use capital and lower-case letters. don’t overwhelm us with the PPT Using PowerPoint in Public Presentations
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Unformatted text preview: · Frame/border photos. Use same one throughout presentation. · Don’t overlap photos. Things to consider · Use text sparingly. [bullet/number] · Bring in points one at a time- as you refer to them. · Use a consistent animation scheme. · Use capital and lower-case letters. · Do not overwhelm us with the PPT. Delivery and Visual Aid Presentations 1. Planning and choosing the right type of Vas 4. Select appropriate type of delivery; maximize personal appearance. When evaluating speeches · Describe · Respond · Evaluate · Thought speech differential- thinking rate and speaking rate. · Comprehensive listening- listening for information · Critical listening- evaluating a message Describe evaluate respond...
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